3D Bowman's Capsule

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The 3D Bowman's Capsule model provides a schematic model of the capsule that surrounds the glomerulus structure in the kidney. The basic geometry provides a clean representation of a rather complex structure of human physiology.

The 3D Bowman's Capsule model can be a powerful aid in teaching, understanding and illustrating detailed kidney function. The Bowman's capsule and surrounded glomerulus are known by many names such as the glomerular capsule, Malpighian capsule or renal capsule, serve as the connection between the blood and the nephron. Functionally, it serves as a type of sieve to permit water and small molecular solutes to pass through to the nephron while retaining blood cells and plasma proteins. Included in this model are simplified vessels that make up the glomerulus and a simplified Bowman's capsule.

Model arrives in .obj format.