3D Reproductive Cell

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The licensable sperm and egg models have been built with the intention of being smoothed or subdivided before final render. They are also left at medium resolution, and in a straight position, for easy posing or rigging for animation.

These 3D models of human reproductive cells, or gametes, have been developed to for illustrative renderings. The male gamete or Spermatozoan is also available as a rigged model, enabling animation of the sperm to simulate flagellar movement and sperm motility. The gametes geometry, enables instantaneous renders of the moment prior to conception. Both the spermatozoan, and its female counterpart the ovum, are modeled with appropriate size ratios and composed of efficiently-designed surfaces that define features specific to male or female reproductive cells.

The sperm model is rigged for Maya and 3D Studio Max.

Ovum (Egg)
- Corona radiate
- Zona pellucida
- Nucleus
- Polar Body

Spermatozoan (Sperm)
- Acrosome
- Nucleus
- Plasma membrane
- Centrioles
- Mitochondria sheath
- Terminal disc
- Axial filament